About Us

ScreenHits is a new route to market for producers or distributors looking to sell their content globally. The platform acts as a unique discovery tool for acquisition executives looking to acquire programming for their channels/platforms. The company also provides a bespoke solution for those companies looking to integrate lead generation and analytics into their screening rooms.


Security Is Our Priority.
We understand the importance of security when sharing pre-air and post-air content. Our system delivers a secured environment for instant streaming and Download to Go capabilities across multiple devices. Our policy parameters work seamlessly across all DRM technologies with additional protection through forensic watermark, thus providing you with the highest level of protection.


ScreenHits platform is available in offline mode, allowing you to screen and promote content anywhere, anyplace, anytime, without the need for wi-fi.

No Commission

ScreenHits is a sales tool, NOT an online distributor, so we do not take commission on any sales completed via the platform. We simply make the introduction, provide you with a strong lead list and leave the rest to you.